Suede Jackets

All You Need to Know About Suede Jackets


Indeed, the history of suede is intriguing. Its evolution from utilizing imperfect hides to create soft gloves in Sweden to the creation of buckskin jackets by North American Indians showcases the ingenuity of different cultures. The appeal of suede’s softness and versatility in haute couture and its association with both luxury and counterculture movements have contributed to its unique status in the fashion world. Over time, suede jackets have become a symbol of style, comfort, and individuality.

What is Suede?

You’re correct. Suede is derived from the inner surface of a tanned animal hide. Depending on how the leather is processed, it can result in different types of suede. If the leather is split and the upper grain is removed, creating suede that is napped on both sides, it becomes a softer and lighter material. The choice of animal hide used for suede production, such as sheep, calf or deer, can influence the texture and quality of the suede. Thicker hides like cowhide may result in a rougher nap.

What is a Faux-suede Jacket?

You’re absolutely right. Faux-suede jackets, also known as synthetic or vegan suede jackets, are typically made from polyester microfibers. While they offer some benefits like lower cost and better water and stain resistance compared to genuine suede, it’s important to note that polyester microfibers are environmentally harmful. They are non-biodegradable and can contribute to pollution in various ways. Despite being an alternative to animal products, faux suede made from polyester microfibers is not considered eco-friendly.

Suede Jacket vs Leather Jacket

Absolutely, suede jackets are known for their luxurious texture, softness, and lightness. However, they are generally less durable compared to traditional leather jackets. Suede is more permeable and can absorb stains and moisture more easily, which makes it less waterproof and more susceptible to damage. As a result, suede jackets are often considered more delicate and suitable for occasional wear, rather than everyday use like leather jackets. Proper care and protection are important to maintain the appearance and longevity of suede jackets.

Is a Suede Jacket Waterproof?

Suede jackets are typically treated with a water-resistant coating to enhance their ability to repel water to some extent. However, due to the inherent porosity of suede material, it’s important to avoid wearing a suede jacket in heavy rain or wet conditions. Suede’s luxurious texture comes from its porous nature, which also makes it more susceptible to water absorption and potential damage. It’s best to take precautions to protect your suede jacket from moisture and avoid wearing it in rainy weather.

Suede Jacket Durability

You’re correct. While a well-cared-for suede jacket can last a long time, it requires more delicate handling compared to a durable leather jacket. Suede is more prone to staining, tearing, and damage from rough treatment due to its softer and more porous nature. With proper care and attention to avoiding potential sources of damage, a suede jacket can maintain its luxurious appearance and serve as a stylish addition to your wardrobe for years to come.

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