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We hold the belief that crafting the best begins with you. Whether you fancy a traditional western-style leather vest, a classic leather biker vest, or the latest trending puffer vest, our design consultants are ready to collaborate with you in shaping the ideal, meticulously crafted custom leather vest that matches your style. Personalize your vest with your initials, preferred number, significant dates, and more.


Men's Leather Vests

Buy our ready to wear collection, or get them customized the way you want!


Women's Leather Vests

Buy our ready to wear collection, or get them customized the way you want!

Leather Biker Vest

The distinctive regalia of motorcycle club members has evolved into an iconic style staple, and leather biker vests stand the test of time. Whether you’re cruising around on your chopper or aiming to enhance your style, consider a custom leather motorcycle vest. Personalize it with your logo, patches, artwork, and more to make a statement.


Our Bespoke Process is truly bespoke to the roots. We may best be described as digital bespoke, following the traditions of bespoke and fusing it with digital technology

Jacket Bespoke Process

About Custom Leather Vests

Leather vests, a sleeveless interpretation of jackets, are immensely popular among men and women of all ages. They come in various styles, from western vests with button-front closures and fringes to motorcycle vests featuring zippered fronts, pockets, metallic hardware, and distinctive details. The world of leather vests offers diversity, but the thrill of designing a custom one is unparalleled. Crafting a custom leather vest is like creating a masterpiece: envisioning the design, selecting premium materials, choosing desirable details, and tailoring it exclusively for a perfect fit. This personalized piece becomes more than outerwear; it becomes a representation of your personality and style.

Embarking on the journey of designing a custom leather vest is an immersive experience where every cut, stitch, and color is chosen to make a unique statement. Vogue Jacket invites you to enrich your wardrobe with a custom handmade leather vest. Whether you desire a custom leather biker vest, a vest adorned with patches and club logos, or a classic reimagined motorcycle vest, we offer a range of customized vests to meet your specifications. Collaborating with our design consultants, you have the freedom to choose the type of leather, thread color, zipper style, size, and every intricate detail. Your preferences guide the process, ensuring that the final product mirrors your vision precisely. Our skilled craftsmen are ready to bring your custom leather vest to life. Begin your free, no-obligation consultation now and let’s create something exceptional together!

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