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The Secrets Of Real Leather VS Fake Leather


How to identify real leather

The allure of leather is derived from its sophisticated appearance and unmatched durability compared to imitations. When purchasing leather, many seek out tags that bear the label “genuine leather.” However, it’s important to understand that genuine leather is just one of several grades of real leather. In fact, it stands as the second lowest grade. Other grades include:

  1. Full Grain Leather
  2. Top Grain Leather
  3. Genuine Leather
  4. Bonded Leather

Differentiating between authentic leather and replicas or faux alternatives in the market can be challenging. The underground market for leather is burgeoning, making it increasingly difficult for consumers to discern genuine leather from faux counterparts. To ensure you’re acquiring authentic leather, follow these 7 essential steps for accurate identification.

1. Take a look at the product description

Before you become captivated by a product, it’s essential to examine the item description closely. To distinguish between genuine and fake leather, pay meticulous attention while reading. Phrases like “cowhide leather,” “sheep leather,” “full-grain leather,” and “top-grain leather” unequivocally indicate authenticity.

The product description conveys valuable insights. Take care to inspect trademarks and other finer details. Exercise caution and avoid purchasing items labeled as “faux leather” or “genuine leather.” These terms typically signify products that aren’t genuinely crafted from real leather.

2. Check on the labeling

Authentic leather is primarily derived from natural animal hides, which can exhibit occasional blemishes and imperfections. Genuine leather should not feature labels like “man-made materials” or the term “genuine leather,” as this often indicates a faux product. Labels such as “cowhide leather” or “sheep leather” are indicative of genuine leather.

3. Have a feel of the texture

Authentic leather typically possesses a rough or coarse texture. Anything that feels excessively smooth or plasticky is a telltale sign of imitation. Leather, like humans, ages naturally, often developing wrinkles and imperfections. Genuine leather products retain this authentic feel, reflecting the aging process. In contrast, fake leather exhibits an overly uniform texture that lacks variation, unequivocally revealing its artificial nature. To add to the identification process, genuine leather emits a distinctive scent reminiscent of real skin, while fake alternatives often carry a plastic-like odor.

4. Real leather wrinkles when pressed

Genuine leather jackets exhibit a distinctive characteristic when pressed – akin to the elasticity of stretched skin. This unique trait sets them apart from any fraudulent materials masquerading as real leather. Moreover, genuine leather possesses inherent qualities reminiscent of naturally occurring rocks and minerals found on Earth’s surface. Just as experts can discern different types of rocks through visual inspection and texture, they can similarly distinguish genuine leather by its distinct characteristics. Experienced individuals even have the ability to gauge the leather’s quality through its scent alone, enabling them to reliably differentiate between authentic and counterfeit leather. It’s important to note that the various descriptions touting the quality of leather on a product shouldn’t be taken as guarantees of genuine leather’s attributes.

5. Make a few drops of water

Authentic leather has the remarkable ability to absorb water. Don’t be hasty in discarding your leather items, as real leather can indeed soak up water. If you’re a bit hesitant to try this out, you can opt for the saliva test. Applying a small amount of saliva on the leather will provide a quick indicator – if it’s absorbed, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing it’s genuine leather. However, if the liquid remains on the surface without being absorbed, it’s a sign that you might need to consider some shopping for the real deal.

6. Have a look at the price tag

The cost of leather can differ from store to store worldwide, but it’s a general understanding that genuine leather’s price starts at $200. The prices of real leather items are typically set and tend to be on the higher side due to the substantial production expenses involved. If you come across a price that seems surprisingly low, it’s advisable to exercise caution and consider the authenticity of the product.

7. Real leather jacket doesn’t crack easily

As you might have gathered from our previous point, real leather shares similarities with human skin, meaning it doesn’t crack easily. Just like the properties of animal skin persist in real leather, the durability of genuine leather ensures that it doesn’t develop cracks over time. So, rest assured that your leather jacket will continue to maintain its quality and appearance, much like your growing expertise in discerning genuine leather.

8. Burn it up

It might come as a surprise, but it’s worth considering even if you wouldn’t intentionally set fire to your beloved leather jacket. If, however, it quickly ignites and emits a plastic-like smell, you’re likely dealing with a fake leather jacket. Real leather resists burning and takes time to catch fire. If you persist with a lighter, genuine leather will burn without a flame, releasing a scent reminiscent of cowhide or animal skin.

To enhance your ability to differentiate between fake and genuine leather, dedicate time to comparing known fake leathers with authentic ones. With practice, you’ll become skilled at discerning real leather from imitations, ensuring that your purchases are of true value.

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